Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Preparing the Battery (continued)
Battery Wear
When the power is ON, the remaining battery power is displayed on the LCD monitor and the status
When you use the camera for the first time or if you have left the camera for a long time without the
battery loaded, set the date (
Page 95).
The battery can be charged in about one hour if the battery charger (PDR-CG1) (sold separately) is
The following shows the approximate number of images that can be photographed continuously using
a fully charged battery in room temperature with the flash used for half of the images. Note, however,
that these figures vary according to the operating temperature of the camera and the detail of the
image being photographed, or length of time viewing the images in play mode.
With the LCD monitor on: Approx. 160 images
With the LCD monitor off: Approx. 240 images
Remaining Battery Power
Sufficient battery power
Half battery power or less
Little battery power left (Power is cut.)
Either recharge, or replace with a new battery.
No battery power left (Power does not turn ON.)
Either charge, or replace with a new battery.
LCD Monitor
Status Display
Blinks twice
No indication