Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Take care not to touch the SmartMedia™’s electrodes (metal contacts) or allow the electrodes to
become soiled. Use a dry lint-free cloth to wipe away any dirt.
To avoid damage caused by static electricity during transportation or storage, always use the special
static-free case provided.
If you are not using the camera for a long period of time, remove the SmartMedia™ and store it in a
safe place.
Inserting a SmartMedia™ that is charged with static electricity into your camera may cause it to
malfunction. If this occurs, switch the camera OFF and then ON again.
The SmartMedia™ may feel warm when it is removed from the camera after the camera is used for a
long time. This is normal and not a malfunction.
The SmartMedia™ has a limited service life. If images can no longer be written or erased, buy a new
Use the index labels provided with the camera. If you attach a commercially available label, it may
cause a malfunction when the SmartMedia™ is loaded or removed.
Loading SmartMedia™
Set the mode dial to [ ].
Slide the SmartMedia™ cover release knob in the
direction of the arrow q to open the cover w.
About SmartMedia™ (continued)