Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

- 51 -
Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Photography Using the Flash (Flash Photography)
In the default setting, the flash will be automatically set to function in dark places. No special setting is needed to
set off the flash. The flash firing mode can be set to suit the conditions where the flash is to be fired.
The effective firing distance of the flash is approximately 2.95 ft (0.9 m) to 8.20 ft (2.5 m).
Be sure to pop up the flash from the camera body during flash photography. Otherwise, the flash will not work. In
this case, [ ] is displayed on the LCD monitor and the LCD display.
Set the mode dial to [ ] or [ ].
Pop up the flash.
To do this, slide the
flash switch.
Press the flash button to set to the desired mode
while viewing the image on the LCD monitor or the
status display.
Pressing the flash button displays the available flash modes in order.
The icon for the mode that you selected is displayed in the LCD
monitor or the status display.
Auto [ ] Red-Eye Reduction [ ] Forced Flash [ ] Suppressed Flash [ ] [ ] Slow Synchro