Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

- 55 -
Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Taking Photographs Continuously (Burst Photography) (continued)
Press the or buttons to verify the image.
White frames indicating the number of photographs are displayed
at the bottom of the screen, and the image with above it is the
currently displayed image.
( also moves as you move the image to be displayed.)
The on-screen display (screen text, etc.) is turned OFF for the time
that the DISP button is held down.
Use the or buttons to select the recording method.
q [SELECT] : This setting is for saving and erasing the selected image.
Press the or button to select the image, and press the ENTER button.
The selected image is indicated by the red frame .
Press the EXEC button.
w [ALL SELECT] : This setting is for saving all images.
Press the EXEC button.
All images are selected and indicated, and the white frames turn red .
This item cannot be selected if there is not enough space on the
e [ALL DELETE] : This setting is for erasing all images.
Press the EXEC button.
q to e can be combined regardless of their order to set saving and erasing of images.