Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Erasing Images
Getting Ready
W.B. (White Balance)
White Balance
Additional Information, Glossary
The camera determines the white balance by averaging the various kinds of light that actually enters the
lens. This setting allows you to set in advance the white balance when taking photographs under
specific lighting conditions.
This setting does not function when the flash is used to take photographs.
[Auto] : Automatic adjustment (default)
[ ] : Photography outdoors
[ ] : Photography in bluish fluorescent light
[ ] : Photography in reddish fluorescent light
[ ] : Photography in incandescent light
E.V. (Exposure Compensation)
E.V. (Exposure Compensation)
Additional Information, Glossary
This setting allows you to intentionally lighten or darken the entire screen. Use this setting when the
optimum brightness (exposure) cannot be obtained, for example, when there is a lot of contrast between
the subject and the background or when the subject to photograph occupies only an extremely small
part of the screen. E.V. can be set in 11 stages. Increasing E.V. lightens the screen, while decreasing E.V.
darkens the screen.
[+1.5/+1.2/+0.9/+0.6/+0.3/0 (default)/–0.3/–0.6/–0.9/–1.2/–1.5]
The ideal brightness sometimes cannot be obtained even if a large E.V. value is set in dark photographic
Also, the brightness of moving images before they are photographed sometimes does not change if the
subject itself is dark. In this case, press the shutter button, and check the brightness in the preview
image (photographed still image).
(preview photography
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Taking Photographs Manually (Manual Photography) (continued)