Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
Changing the Preset Conditions (REC MENU) (continued)
This setting allows you to display a photographed image on the LCD monitor for two seconds
immediately after you have taken the shot.
This allows you check the composition and brightness of the photographed image.
Note, however, that detailed areas are not sharp as the resolution of preview images is low. To check
detailed areas and focus, record the image to SmartMedia™ and check it in the [ ] playback mode
Page 69).
To cancel preview, press the shutter button half way down again.
[OFF] : Do not display preview (default)
[ON] : Display preview
Sets the color mode and photographic sensitivity at which the image is to be recorded.
Flash photography is not possible when the photographic sensitivity is set to [+1] [+2]. [+1] [+2] is
displayed on the LCD monitor.
Warning: Noise increases when the ISO is change to higher setting.
[STD.] : Equivalent to color ISO100 (default)
[+1] : High-sensitive photography equivalent to color ISO200
[+2] : High-sensitive photography equivalent to color ISO400
[B&W] : Black and white
Sets the sharpness at which the image is to be recorded.
[NORM.] : Normal sharpness (default)
[SOFT] : Soft effect
[HARD] : Hard effect