Toshiba PDR-M5 Digital Camera User Manual

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Playing Back/
Erasing Images
Getting Ready
About Folder Names
Images photographed on this camera are recorded to the [100TOSHI] folder in the case of still images
and to the [ ] folder in the case of moving images (movies). You cannot set which folder to store
images to as you like. The [100TOSHI] folder is created when you have photographed still images, and
the [ ] folder is created when you have photographed moving images. The enabled folder depends
on the photographic mode setting. To play back movies in the still image mode, select the [ ] folder,
and to play back still images in the movie mode, select [100TOSHI] folder.
In the case of still images, when the images number reaches the largest number (9999), a new folder
[101TOSHI] is created.
When there are two or more [xxxTOSHI] folders, the playback folder default is the folder assigned the
largest “xxx” value.
When a SmartMedia™ that is formatted or that is used for taking photographs on another camera is used
on this camera, [xxxTOSHI] or [ ] is created, and the data of the photographed images is recorded to
this folder.
Indicates that the folder is used on this camera.
The largest number is automatically assigned according to the status of the existing folders.
To view images photographed on this camera, select [xxxTOSHI] or [ ].
To play back images photographed by another camera, select the desired [xxxAAAA] folder.
The folder [xxxAAAA] is created for each camera.
Images currently recorded to these folders can only be played back.
Sometimes the size of the image prevents it from being played back.
Images cannot be played back unless the file name and folder name are set correctly.
Selecting the Folder to Play Back (continued)
Same as above
Varies according to
camera brand