Toshiba S20 Camcorder User Manual

Default Setting
To restore the default factory setting, select this option.
Operation Display Screen
In the Setting submenu, use Up/Down Button 1.
to select [Default Setting]. Then press Right
Buttton to enter the conrmation screen.
Use Right/Left Buttons to choose Yes or No.2.
Choosing “Yes” will execute the operation, “No” 3.
will cancel the operation.
Press OK Button to validate the setting. Or press 4.
Playback Button to leave without any change.
The following table indicates the camcorder’s default settings
Setting Default Factory Setting
Resolution FHD (1080p 30) for Movie
Std (5MP) for Picture
Scene Auto
Stabilization Off
Motion Detection Off
Slow Motion Off
Time Lapse Off
White Balance Auto
ISO Auto
Self-Timer Off
Sound On
TV Depends on shipping area
Language Depends on shipping area
Volume Level 6