Zoom 1592 Digital Camera User Manual

Zoom Cameras
for Windows 98/Me/XP Computers
The ZoomCam Model 1592 and 1598 provide true color video or color snapshots on Windows 98/Me/XP com-
puter with a USB port. The Model 1598 camera provides a high-resolution 640 X 480 output, an integrated high-
sensitivity microphone, and a versatile mounting base which is suitable for use with either a laptop or desktop
computer. The very affordable Model 1592 is Zoom's lowest-cost camera, and provides 352 X 288 resolution
with a higher resolution of 640 X 480 available using software interpolation.
Both cameras are bundled with a full-featured suite of software applications for video conferencing, audio and
video capture, and image management.
Model 1592
ZoomCam USB
Affordable, 100K pixel True-Color video camera for Windows computers
352 X 288 (CIF) resolution
25 frames per second
640 X 480 (VGA) resolution with software interpolation
Camera tilt angle of 20 degrees, plus or minus, from parallel
One-year limited warranty
Model 1598
ZoomCam USB
330K pixel True-Color video camera for Windows computers
640 X 480 (VGA) resolution at 15 frames per second
352 X 288 (CIF) resolution at 30 frames per second
Integrated microphone for use with all Windows voice input applications, including video mail,
video conferencing and voice recognition
Versatile mounting base with clip provides multiple camera positioning options and can be
mounted on desktop or laptop computers
Convenient snapshot button for capture of still images
Camera tilt angle of 120 degrees, plus or minus, from parallel
One-year limited warranty
Web Cameras
Applications software for both cameras include:
Video mail
Audio/video recording and playback
Premise surveillance
Video conferencing
Still image snapshots
Special effects editing for photos
Video games
Album and greeting card creation
Image manager
Image interpolation
Features of both cameras include:
CMOS camera with USB connector
Easy plug-and-play installation
Automatic exposure and white balance adjustment to give
optimum performance in a variety of lighting conditions
Object edge enhancement to provide improved image quality
Microsoft NetMeeting compatible to provide video conferencing
and online chat
Recording of True Color (24 bit) live video
Full-featured applications software and integrated USB cable
Focus of 3 centimeters (approximately one inch) to infinity