Canon 5125B002 Camera Accessories User Manual

15. Drop-In Filters
A 52(WII)-series drop-in gelatin filter holder with
a glass filter is included with the lens. The drop-
in filter holder can be used fitted with a gelatin
filter (sold separately).
<Installing and Removing>
To remove the drop-in filter, press in the left
and right lock buttons and pull the filter holder
straight up out of the slot.
To install the drop-in filter, push the filter holder
straight down into the slot until it clicks into place.
The filter holder can be installed facing either
forwards or backwards.
The Drop-In Screw-Type Filter Holder 52(WII) and
Drop-In Circular Polarizing Filter PL-C52(WII) are
also available (sold separately).
Because the lens optics are designed to include a
glass filter, you must always install the filter holder,
even if no gelatin filter is fitted.
Lift up the holder’s retaining plate.
Cut the gelatin filter as shown and mount it in
the holder.
Return the retaining plate to its closed
<Using a Gelatin Filter>