Kodak 1 Camera Accessories User Manual

www.kodak.com/go/digitalframesupport 1
See your extended user’s guide – for more information about using your frame,
visit www.kodak.com/go/digitalframesupport.
Remote control
Button Press to
power* turn on/off the picture frame.
home return to the home screen.
pics/music toggle between viewing pictures and selecting music.
menu display menu choices.
back return to the previous screen.
stop a slide show, display thumbnails.
OK accept the current selection.
4-way navigate through pictures or menus.
zoom magnify the picture.
rotate rotate the picture, 90° clockwise each press.
select mark pictures for an operation.
slide show play a slide show.
play/pause play/pause a video or slide show.
rewind rewind a video.
fast forward fast forward a video.
stop stop a video, display the first frame.
stop a slide show, display thumbnails.
volume decrease (-) or increase (+) the volume.
mute mute audio.
First, turn on the
power switch on the
Remove tab to
activate the