Kodak 2210 Camera Accessories User Manual

©Eastman Kodak Company, 2004
May 2004 TI-1838
KODAK WL Surveillance Film / 2210
KODAK WL Surveillance Film / 2210 is a high-speed,
black-and-white negative camera film with extremely fine
grain and high resolving power, allowing a high degree of
enlargement. It is especially useful for dimly lit subjects
exposed in daylight or artificial light.
This 400-speed film has a wide exposure latitude, which
allows quality prints from moderately under- (EI 800) or
overexposed (EI 150) negatives. You can expose this film at
speeds up to EI 3200 with push processing in KODAK
KODAK WL Surveillance Film / 2210 is formatted on
ESTAR-AH base, a tough, dimensionally stable polyester
support with an optical density of 0.10 for protection against
light-piping. A fast-drying backing allows processing in
high-speed processors.
Based on development in KODAK Developer D-76, at 20°C
Diffuse RMS Granularity: 10 (Extremely Fine)
Read at a net diffuse visual density of 1.0, 48 micrometre
Resolving Power:
Dimensionally stable 0.004-inch (0.10 mm) ESTAR Base.
NONE; handle in total darkness.
ISO-RPL TOC 1.6:1 50 line pairs/mm
ISO-RP TOC 1000:1 125 line pairs/mm High
Keep unexposed film and processed film in a cool, dry place.
Process film as soon as possible after exposure.
To avoid moisture condensation on film that has been
refrigerated, allow 16 mm film to stand at room temperature
for at least 1 to 1.5 hours before removal from the package;
for 35 mm film, allow 2 to 3 hours and for 70 mm film, 4 to
5 hours.
Load and unload camera in subdued light. Process
exposed film promptly after exposure. Always protect
processed negatives from strong light and store in a cool, dry
The developer you use to process this film affects the
exposure index:
Exposure Index
Arithmetic / Logarithmic*
KODAK Developer
400 / 27 T-MAX
400 / 27 T-MAX RS
400 / 27 D-76
400 / 27 D-76 (1:1)
320 / 26 HC-110 (Dil B)
400 / 27 DURAFLO RT
200 / 24 MICRODOL-X
320 / 26 MICRODOL-X (1:3)
Exposure Time
Adjust Either
Lens Aperture Or Exposure Time
1/10,000 None None
1/1000 None None
1/100 None None
1/10 None None
1 +1/3 stop Change Aperture
10 +1/2 stop 15
100 +1 1/2 stop 300