Kodak 5205 Camera Accessories User Manual

Color Negative Film
5205 / 7205
Give your story more detail—in any light.
5205 / 7205
KODAK VISION2 250D Color Negative Film 5205 / 7205
is an advanced, medium-speed film that delivers
superior imaging in natural daylight, artificial daylight,
and a variety of mixed lighting situations. Expect
beautiful fleshtones, accurate color reproduction,
and—thanks to its wider latitude—increased detail in
shadow and highlight areas. Add seamless intercutting
with other KODAK VISION2 Films and you have a
versatile addition to your storytelling toolkit.
The VISION2 Film family is the first line of products
created specifically for both film and digital
postproduction. What’s more, all VISION2 Films
provide excellent tone scale and flesh-to-neutral
reproduction. With superior shadow and highlight
detail and very fine grain. VISION2 Films also maintain
neutrality through the full range of exposure. So you
can convey exactly the look you intended all the way
from capture to post.