Kodak CGP7 Film Camera User Manual

Kodak CGP Camera 2000 Film
CGP7 Camera 2000 Film
Kodak CGPM Camera 2000 Film
Technical Information Instruction Sheet – TI1995
August 2006
Features / Customer Product Specifications
An extremely high-contrast, orthochromatic film.
For graphic arts line, halftone, and contact applications.
Dimensionally stable Estar base.
Compatible with other Kodak products processed in easy-to-use Kodak RA 2000 developer and
replenisher (for machine or tray processing).
CGPM film has a special matte surface on the emulsion side for rapid, uniform vacuum drawdown
when using flexographic or smooth-surface printing plates.
Safelight Recommendations
Use a Kodak 1A safelight filter / light red in a suitable safelight lamp equipped with a 15-watt bulb. Keep
the film at least 4 feet (1.2 metres) from the safelight
Keep unexposed film and processed film in a cool, dry place. Process film as soon as possible after