Kodak D-45 Camera Accessories User Manual

Kodak Imagelink DL 1000 Microfilm 2482 is a
rapid-access, thermally processed (dry) silver
computer output microfilm. This film is designed
to be exposed by a red (helium neon) laser.
When developed, a positive appearing image is
formed (dark characters on a light background).
Kodak Imagelink DL 1000 Microfilm is an
extremely fine-grain, high-contrast microfilm
which offers the highest quality thermally
processed microimage available. When
DL 1000 is used with Kodak Premium 1000
Thermal Print Film 1323, a very high-quality
duplicate is achieved at optimum equipment
throughput speeds.
Product Applications
Kodak Imagelink DL 1000 Microfilm is designed
to generate positive-appearing camera originals
in fiche format from helium-neon lasers used
in dry computer output microfilmers (COM)
equipment such as the Kodak Komstar 100/200/
300 Microimage Processors, Kodak Komstar
Microimage Processor IV, Kodak Optistar
Datawriter, Kodak Optistar V Processor,
Kodak Komstar Processor V, and the Kodak
Optistar Image Writer. This film can be handled
in room light and the equipment it is used with
does not require any special plumbing, venting,
or dark rooms.
Imagelink DL 1000 Microfilm is primarily used to
make masters for generating negative-appearing
distribution copies (clear characters with dark
background) on thermal print film. Positive- or
negative-appearing copies can also be made on
diazo or silver films, depending on customer
preference. This film is not intended to be used
as the primary working copy or for frequent use
in reader printers.
KODAK IMAGELINK DL 1000 Microfilm / 2482
Computer Output
Microfilm Data Sheet