Kodak GRD Camera Accessories User Manual

Kodak Gen 5 GRD, GRD7, GRDM & GR7M Film
Technical Information Instruction Sheet – TI2375
August 2006
Features / Customer Product Specifications
Kodak Gen 5 films are fast, high contrast, broad band red-sensitive film. Their sharp dots are capable of
high resolution at fine screen rulings. These films are optimized for exposure on film recorders that use a
helium-neon laser (633 nm) or a red laser diode (630 to 670 nm) as the exposing source.
These films feature high processing speeds (development in as little as 20 seconds) and low
replenishment rates in rapid-access developer and fixer, which contribute to improved productivity and
reduced operating costs.
Gen 5 films are coated on a dimensionally stable Estar base with antistatic and surface properties to
ensure dependable transport and handling behavior.
Safelight Recommendations
Use an EncapSulite T20/ND.75 safelight or equivalent. Keep the film at least 1.2 metres (4 feet) from
the safelight. Do not expose the film to safelight illumination for longer than two minutes.
European office:
EncapSulite International Ltd.
Auf dem Loor 14a
51143 Köln Germany
Phone: 49 (0)2203-8 37 37
US office:
EncapSulite International Inc.
1220 Bamore Road
Rosenberg, TX 77471
Phone: 1-281-239-0225
Keep unexposed film and processed film in a cool, dry place, preferable at a temperature of 70° F (21° C)
or lower and 50% RH. Process film as soon as possible after exposure.
These films are intended for use on film recorders that use a 633 nm helium-neon (HN) laser
or a 630 to 670 nm red laser diode (RLd) as the exposing source. Follow the exposure
procedures recommended by the equipment manufacturer.