Kodak I5000 Camcorder User Manual

See the User’s Guide for feed module replacement
To order supplies, contact your reseller, or go to
Part numbers must be ordered from Parts Services.
In the United States call:1-800-431-7278
343 State Street
Rochester, NY 14650 U.S.A.
A-61669 / Part #5K0140 June, 2011
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i5000 Series Scanners
Reference Guide
Replace pre-separation pad
Replace separation roller
Pre-separation Pad
Separation Roller
Supplies and Accessories
CAT No. Description
832 7538 Feeder Consumables Kit
838 7938 Extra-Large Feeder Consumables Kit
146 2415 Extra-Extra-Large Feeder Consumables Kit
834 8054 Image Guide Set (without Printer)
871 4438 Image Guide Set (with Printer)
808 8239 Flippable Background (without Printer)
800 0853 Flippable Background (with Printer)
896 5519 Staticide Wipes for Kodak Scanners
169 0783 Transport Cleaning Sheets
853 5981 Roller Cleaning Pads
125 7633 Printer Ink Blotters
818 3386 Enhanced Printer Black Cartridge
159 6832 Enhanced Printer Red Cartridge
CAT No. Accessories
844 5280 Feeder Kit for Ultralightweight Paper
140 8756 Enhanced Printer Accessory
167 3953 Manual Feed Shelf (i5200/i5600 Scanners)
169 4256 Manual Feed Shelf (i5800 Scanner)
Part No. Accessories
5E4754 66.04 cm (26 in.) document extender
9E3216 76.2 cm (30 in.) document extender
9E5277 86.36 cm (34 in.) document extender
9E5146 Enhanced Printer: Ink Cartridge Carrier
Kodak Service & Support
(US&C only; all other regions, contact your local
Kodak Support Center)
When contacting support, have the following available:
A description of your problem
Scanner model and serial number
Computer configuration
Software application you are using
than your scanner model. However, the procedures
are the same, unless otherwise noted.
The illustrations in this guide may look different