Kodak KLI-4104 Camera Accessories User Manual

The KODAK KLI-4104 Image Sensor is a multi-spectral,
linear solid-state image sensor for color scanning
applications where fast high resolution is required. The
imager consists of three parallel linear photodiode
arrays, each with 4080 active photosites for the output of
R, G, and B signals. The sensor contains a fourth
channel for luminance information. This array has 8160
pixels segmented to transfer out data through one of
four luminance outputs. This device offers high
sensitivity, high data rates, low noise and negligible lag.
Individual electronic exposure control for each of the
Chroma and the Luma channel is provided, allowing the
KLI-4104 sensor to be used under a variety of
illumination conditions.
Quad-linear array (G, R, B, L)
High resolution: Luma (monochrome) array with 5um pixels
with 8160 count.
Luma channel has 4 outputs approaching 120MHz data rate
High resolution: color (RGB) array with 10um pixels with 4080
Each color channel has 1 output approaching 30MHz data
No Image Lag
Two-Phase Register Clocking
On-ship Dark Reference
Electronic exposure control
Document scanning
Industrial machine vision
High resolution inspection
Parameter Value
Total Number of Pixels
3x4134 Chroma,
1x8292 Luma
Number of Effective Pixels
3x4128 Chroma,
1x8276 Luma
Number of Active Pixels
3x4080 Chroma,
1x8160 Luma
Pixel Size
10 µm (H) x 10 µm (V) Chroma,
5 µm (H) x 5 µm (V) Luma
Pixel Pitch
10 µm Chroma,
5 µm Luma
Inter-Array Spacing, G to R,
R to B
B to L
90 µm (9 lines effective)
122.5 µm
(12.25 lines effective)
Chip Size 50.5 mm (H) x 1.1 mm (V)
Saturation Signal
121,000 electrons Chroma,
110,000 electrons Luma
Quantum Efficiency 62%(B), 62%(G), 80%(R), 85%(L)
Output Sensitivity
Chroma -14 µV/electron
Luma -11 µV/electron
Responsivity (R/G/B/L)
17(B), 20(G), 32(R), 27(L) V/µJ/cm
Total Read Noise 120 electrons
Dark Current
Chroma 0.007 pA/pixel
Luma 0.0008 pA/pixel
Dark Current Doubling Temperature 9ºC
Dynamic Range
@ 30 MHz Data Rate
60 dB (chroma)
60 dB (luma)
Photoresponse Non-uniformity 5% Peak-Peak
Charge Transfer Efficiency 0.99999/Transfer
Total Number of Pixels
3x4134 Chroma
1x8292 Luma