Kodak 265 Camcorder User Manual

DC265 Zoom Digital Camera
The bottom line on
best camera for business
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The praise for its predecessor, the KODAK DC260 Zoom Digital Camera,
was as universal as it was effusive. Impressive? Sure. But just wait’ll you see
the quantum leaps we’ve made with the KODAK DC265 Zoom Digital
Camera. We’re talking faster start up and faster processing. A faster preview
rate. So you’ll be dazzled sooner by its 1.6 million (1536 x 1024) pixel
Megapixel Plus resolution - enough detail for photo-realistic 8" x 10" prints with
spectacular color and sharpness. We even tripled its multi-picture burst capa-
bility. And gave it better battery life. In other words, it’s the same incredible
camera. Only better.
Pictures taken with KODAK DC265 Zoom Digital Camera.
Photo-Realistic 8"x 10" Prints
1.6 million (1536 x1024) pixel Megapixel Plus
resolution - provides enough detail for spectacularly
sharp, colorful, photo-realistic 8" x 10" prints.
3X Optical Plus 2X Digital Zoom
Gets you closer to your subject. Lens optically
extends to 3X with no loss in image quality.
Plus, for added flexibility, the camera can
digitally zoom in an additional 2X. And you can
preview your shot on the LCD, to make sure
it’s perfect.
Upgrades on the Award-Winner
Everything the DC260 was, and more.
Triple the burst performance - 24 sequential
pictures at standard resolution, 6 at high.
Great for capturing the action. Faster pro-
cessing for less waiting. 16 MB memory card
and longer battery life for added convenience.
Intelligent Camera
DIGITA Scripting gives you the flexibility to
do more - telling the camera exactly how to
execute complex operations with “point-and-
shoot” simplicity. Take multiple pictures
at pre-determined intervals. Program settings
for different conditions. Or tag images to
organize pictures and improve workflow.
USB Support for Faster Downloads
support, for fast, easy picture downloads. Or
choose serial, PC card or IrDA connections.
DC265 Zoom Digital Camera