Oregon Scientific RM313PA Camera Accessories User Manual

Congratulations on your purchase one of the first auto-setting always-accurate
travel alarm clock ! You are one of the first people in America to own the world’s
smallest and most accurate alarm clocks. We want you to be very happy with this
product,but please remember this is a radio wave device and not an perfect
science. There are certain areas of the Eastern United States (see map) where
urban interference or signals from United Kingdom’s radio control tower
may distort or delay the time setting signal. Even thought these areas may
have more difficulty receiving a signal, the Kids Projection Clock contains
a very accurate quartz movement and will maintain a precise time even if
the radio signal is missed on rare occasions.
Please also don’t hesitate to call 880-853-8883 (or email
helpme@ocientific.com)if you have any question about setting up and/or using
your new Kids Projection Clock. In the meantime, all of us at Oregon Scientific
hope you enjoy this revolutionary advance in time keeping technology.
The split-second, precise timeliness of your new Kids Projection Clock is achieved
through its pre-tuned internal radio receiver that responds to a special 60 kHz
frequency time signal generated by the U.S. Atomic Clock, one of the most
accurate clocks in the world.
This extraordinary timepiece, located outside Boulder, Colorado, is operated by
the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and
Your Kids Projection Clock automatically activates its receiver immediately upon
battery insertion and then six times every 24 hours and make any necessary
adjustments in its time display. It usually takes about 3-7 minutes for the clock
to receive the initial Radio Signal and adjust the time, date and day accordingly.
NOTE : You may not receive a signal immediately. Due to possible interference,
the best reception often occurs between midnight and 4 a.m.
The clock not only sets itself to synchronize its digital time and date with the
Atomic clock’s signals, but it also automatically adjusts for daylight-savings
Your clock utilizes a small internal antenna that double as the bedside/desktop
stand. (Please see the section on “Signal Strength“ for optimal performance of
your Kids Projection Clock)
The successful reception of the long wave signal depends on the positioning and
location of the clock. Insufficient signal strength or external electrical noises
may prevent the unit from receiving a complete signal. The main reasons for
poor reception are heavily reinforced concrete and steel structures, and close
proximity to electrical units such as TV’s and PC monitors.
Do not become concerned if your Kids Projection Clock does not receive a
signal within the first few minutes. RF appliances or radios are most effec-
tive when placed near a window, and you may need to orient the clock or
the antenna to receive a stronger signal. Please be patient with the first
receptions of the time signal. Once the Kids Projection Clock has received a
time signal, updates are accomplished with greater ease. Please refer to the
Trouble Shooting section (at the end of this booklet) for more information.
The technology underlying the radio-controlled Kids Projection Clock was pre-
viously dedicated only to commercial and industrial uses, including aircraft and
ship navigation, broadcasting stations, and research facilities. Oregon Scientific
was the first company to develop a consumer-level timepiece with alarm that can
truly be called the world’s most accurate clock.
Integrated radio receiver for reception of time signal 10kW transmitter
WWVB: at 60kHz
Operating temperature: 35-120 ° F
Setting time with interference-free reception: 3-7 minutes
Automatic signal-reception activation: six times every 24 hours
HiGlo™ backlighting source: Electroluminescence
Battery type: 2 AA (not included)
Automatic setting of clock by radio signal from the US Atomic Clock
Time display with Hour, Minutes, Seconds and Date
Day of the week displayed in one of three languages (English, French or
Dramatic blue HiGlo™ electroluminescent backlight
Alarm with eight-minute snooze
Crescendo Alarm increases in volume and intensity
Signal Reception Strength indicator
U.S. Map icon shows user selected time zone
Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings time
Projection of time image
Low Battery indicator
Snooze/light (Figure A.1)
A light touch on the top of the snooze button activates the unique electrolumi-
nescent backlight for 5 seconds. This lite-touch feature also activates the eight-
minute snooze function.
Note: The display backlight and projection function work simultaneously. When
] is pressed both the backlight and projection func-
tion will activate.
Up Arrow keys (Figure A.2)
This key is used for manually setting the time, alarm time or calendar functions.
Please refer to the Manual Setting instructions in these instructions for further
NOTE : Pressing once advance the setting by increments of 1: holding the
button down for more the three seconds will accelerate the setting to rapid ad-
vance mode.
WARNING : The key also is used to reactivate the signal reception process
should it become disable. Please see the Trouble Shooting section for further
ZONE (Figure A.3)
The Kids Projection Clock is designed to automatically adjust the time signal to
the user selected North American time zone - Pacific, Mountain, Central or East-
ern. Pressing the ZONE button once advances the time zone setting (see US map
figure A.9). Once the desired time zone block is highlighted on the map, the time
will automatically adjust accordingly.
WARNING : Do not press and hold the ZONE button for more than three sec-
onds. Use the single press method to set the time zone. Holding the button will
turn off the automatic time signal reception. Please see the Trouble Shooting
section for further information.
ON / OFF (Figure A.4)
This button turns the alarm function on and off. Touching the ON/OFF button
one time will either turn the alarm on or off. Please refer to the Alarm Setting
instructions for further information.
NOTE : When setting the alarm time, the alarm is automatically turned on. If
the bell icon [
] is visible, the alarm is “ on ”.
Touching the ON/OFF button one time will either turn the Alarm function on or
If you want to stop the daily alarm while leaving the pre-set time for the follow-
ing days ’s wake-up, press the ALARM button. Pressing the ON/ OFF button to
stop the wake up alarm will deactivate the alarm function.
MODE / SET (Figure A.5)
Press the MODE key once to switch between the display of either the Day of the
Week or Seconds on the clock. Kids Projection Clock will continue to display
the selected function (Day or Seconds) until the MODE button id pressed again.
IMPORTANT : Holding the MODE key for more than three seconds turns on
the manual mode for setting the time, date, year and language (English/French/
Spanish). Please refer to this section for specific setting instructions.
)) / 24hOFF (Figure A.6)
Press the ((
)) key once to show the alarm time.
The ((
)) /24hOFF icon is displayed in the lower left portion of the screen to
alert you that the display is showing the alarm time. To return to the month and
date display, press the ((
)) key once. To set the alarms please refer to the
section on setting The Alarm.
NOTE: THE Kids Projection Clock will continue to display the selected
function (Alarm Time or Date) until the ((
)) button is pressed again.
Projection on (Figure A.7)
Project on turns to enable or disable th continuous projection when adapter is in
Note: this switch can only be used with the power adapter installed. For mo-
mentary projection, use the [
Please refer to Figure A for a detailed description of Kids Projection Clock LCD
display and refer to the appropriate section(s) of the these instructions for more
specific information.
Signal Strength Indicator (Figure A.8)
Time Display (Figure A.9)
The top line of the display shows the hours, minutes and seconds (AM /PM) of
the clock. Pressing the MODE button once will switch the “Seconds’ display to
the Day of the Week. Kids Projection Clock will continue to display the selected
function (Day or Seconds) until the MODE button is pressed again.
US MAP (Figure A.10)
This map represents the four optional time-zone setting. The darkened of filled
zone block indicates the user selected time zone. NOTE: When The Kids Projec-
tion Clock is receiving a signal from the US Atomic Clock; outline of this map
will flash.
On the Display
Your last signal reception was excellent and time
Synchronization with the US Atomic Clock has
Taken place.
Your last signal reception was insufficient and it
is recommended that you reposition the clock.
No indicator
The displayed time has been manually set and is
not synchronized by the RF signal.
Your radio reception is disabled and no signal
reception will be initiated unless it is enabled again.
Figure A
Figure B
AA UM3 1.5V
AA UM3 1.5V
Figure C