Pelco C748M-B Camera Lens User Manual

C748M-B (11/05)
Varifocal Length Lenses
Important Safety Instructions
Prior to installation and use of this product, the following WARNINGS should be observed.
1. Servicing should be done only by qualified service personnel.
2. Only use replacement parts recommended by Pelco.
Please thoroughly familiarize yourself with the information in this manual prior to installation and operation.
Lenses in the varifocal category offer a selection of imager format optics in various focal length ranges. These ranges include ultra-wide to wide angle, wide
to medium angle, and medium-wide to full telephoto.
The 1/2-inch imager format lenses are available in both C- and CS-type mounts, depending on the model used. A 5-mm spacer (commonly referred to as a
C/CS-mount adapter and available from Pelco as the PCMA40 lens adapter) may be used to make a C-type lens compatible with a CS-type camera.
However, CS-type lenses are not compatible with C-mount cameras. The CS lenses require fewer glass elements to focus at a shorter distance, while not
affecting picture quality. The 1/3-inch imager format lenses come with a CS-type mount only.
All varifocal lenses feature high-resolution power in a compact body.
The VA Series lens has a manual iris, manual focus, and manual zoom. The VD Series lens has a direct-drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom, plus
two of the VD Series are also infrared lenses for day/night camera use but which also provide better optical focus for all cameras. The VDIR Series infrared
lenses are designed primarily for use on color cameras with a moving filter arrangement or on black and white cameras. The VV Series lens has a video-
drive auto iris. Both the VD and VV Series have an industry-standard, square, four-pin connector that plugs directly into the camera receptacle. In addition,
all auto iris lenses include a spot filter.
Varifocal length lenses with manual iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
12VA4-10 13VA1-3 13VA3.5-8 13VA5-40
12VA6-13* 13VA2.5-6 13VA3-8 13VA5-50
13VA2.8-12 13VA5.5-82.5
Varifocal length lenses with direct-drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
12VD4-10 13VD1-3 13VD3.5-8 13VD5-40
12VD6-13* 13VD2.5-6 13VD3-8 13VD5-50
13VD2.8-12 13VD5.5-82.5
Varifocal length infrared lenses with direct-drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
13VDIR3-8.5 13VDIR7.5-50
Varifocal length lenses with video-drive auto iris, manual focus, and manual zoom
12VV4-10 13VV1-3 13VV5-50
12VV6-13* 13VV2.5-6 13VV3-8
*Lenses having a C-type mount
Remove the dust cover from the lens. Remove any dust with a soft brush or clean compressed air.
Install the lens by carefully threading it clockwise on the mount of the CCTV camera until fully seated. If the lens has a coupling ring, tighten it against the
camera. Use a C/CS-mount adapter if attaching a C-type lens to a CS-type camera. The PMCA40 adapter is available from Pelco.
If your lens has a direct- or video-drive auto iris, plug the electrical connector directly into the camera’s DC-drive or video-drive socket, whichever applies.
Follow the camera operating instructions for iris and focus adjustments.