Sony 4-124-311-12(1) Camcorder User Manual

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SteadyShot does not function.
Set [ STEADYSHOT] to [ON] (p. 66).
Even if [
STEADYSHOT] is set to
[ON], your camcorder may not be able to
compensate for excessive vibrations.
A vertical band appears when recording
candlelight or electric light in the dark.
This occurs when the contrast between the
subject and the background is too high. This is
not a malfunction.
A vertical white line may appear on an
image taken in bright light.
This phenomenon is called the smear effect.
This is not a malfunction.
Black bands appear when you record a TV
screen or computer screen.
Set [ STEADYSHOT] to [OFF] (p. 66).
Undesirable flicker occurs.
This occurs when recording images under a
fluorescent lamp, sodium lamp, or mercury
amp. This is not a malfunction.
[LCD BL LEVEL] cannot be adjusted.
You cannot adjust [LCD BL LEVEL] when:
The LCD panel is closed on your camcorder
with the LCD screen facing out.
The power is supplied from the AC Adaptor.
Images cannot be played back.
Select the recording media you want to
play back by touching
. 59).
Photos cannot be played back.
Photos cannot be played back if you have
modified files or folders, or have edited the
data on a computer. (The file name flashes in
that case.) This is not a malfunction.
Photos recorded on other devices may not be
played back. This is not a malfunction.
is indicated on an image on the
This may appear on an image recorded on
other devices, edited on a computer, etc.
You removed the AC Adaptor or the battery
pack before the ACCESS/access lamp is turned
off after recording. This may damage your
image data and
is displayed.
is indicated on an image on the
The image data base file may be damaged.
Check the data base file by touching
[REPAIR IMG.DB F.] the recording
medium. If it still appears, delete the image
(p. 44).
No sound or only a quiet sound is heard
during playback.
Turn up the volume (p. 36).
Sound is not output when the LCD screen is
closed. Open the LCD screen.
When you record sound with [MICREF
. 84) set to [LOW], the recorded
sound may be difficult to hear.
Left and right sound will be heard
unbalanced when playing back movies on
computers or other devices.
This happens when sound recorded in 5.1ch
surround is converted to 2ch (normal stereo
sound) by a computer or other device. This
is not a malfunction (DCR-SR57E/SR67E/
Change the sound conversion type (downmix
type) when playing back on 2ch stereo devices.
Refer to the instruction manual supplied with
your playback device for details.
Change the sound to 2ch when creating a disc
using the supplied software “PMB” (DCR-
Record sound with [AUDIO MODE] set to
[2ch STEREO] (DCR-SR57E/SR67E/SR77E/
SR87E) (p
. 64).