Sony HVR-Z1U Camcorder User Manual

AE Override
The AE (Auto Exposure) Override function allows
operators to manually change exposure settings
during the AE mode via an iris dial. This allows
operators to set the desired exposure settings
immediately, with no need to set all exposure
settings modes to manual. This function can
easily be recalled at the touch of an Assign Button.
Hyper Gain
The Hyper Gain function can automatically boost
the gain level up to approx. +36 dB at the touch
of an Assign Button. This makes it possible to
shoot in extremely low-light conditions.
Three types of markers can be displayed on the
LCD monitor and viewfinder simply by pressing
an Assign Button:
CENTER: Displays a marker at the center of the screen
4:3: Displays a marker in the shape of 4:3 when using
a widescreen monitor
SAFETY ZONE: Displays a marker indicating the range
that can be displayed on a standard TV (4:3 and 16:9)
for home use (80%)
All Scan Mode
The All Scan Mode is similar to the Under Scan
Mode of other camcorders, displaying all effective
scanning lines in the screen. It is useful to check
pictures for web applications. This function can
easily be recalled at the touch of an Assign Button.
Six Assign Buttons
Functions frequently used in the field can be
assigned to six Assign Buttons (push buttons),
allowing operators to make rapid changes under
field conditions. The assignable functions include
AE Override, Hyper Gain, All Scan Mode, White
Balance Outdoor Level (+), White Balance Outdoor
Level (
), Marker, Back Light, Spot Light, Rec
Review, Fader (white fader/black fader), Steady
Shot, Index Mark (index recording), Audio Dubbing
(DVCAM format only), Display, and Color Bars
(two types).
On-handle Zoom Lever and
Rec Start/Stop Button
In order to facilitate zoom control and recording
operation during low-angle shooting, an additional
zoom lever and a rec start/stop button have been
added to the carrying handle. Zoom speed can be
selected from H, L or OFF via the three-position slide
switch located on the side of the handle. The H
and L settings can be selected from values of
1 to 8 via the menu.
Variety of Zoom Operations
In addition to two zoom levers on the carrying
handle and on the side of the camera body, a
motorized zoom ring, equipped with stops and
barrel marking, is located on the lens body.
Turning this zoom ring allows for fine adjustments
in zoom position settings, providing operability
and feeling comparable to manual zoom operations.
Furthermore, the supplied wireless Remote
unit can be used for external
control. These various zoom control
functions enable operators to
deploy various shooting
Zoom Levers
Audio Level Dials
Shot Transition