Elinchrom BX 500RI Camera Accessories User Manual

• Transport the flash unit with care, either in its original packaging or other corresponding
packaging fit to protect it against knocks and jolts.
• Transport only in complete discharged conditions. Wait a minimum 30 minutes after
disconnecting from the mains supply before packaging and transportation.
• Never drop the flash unit (danger of flashtube breakage)
Power cable
To guarantee safe operation, use the cable supplied.
• The cable has to be HAR-certified or VDE-certified. The mark HAR or VDE will appear on
the outer sheath.
• The cable set must be selected according to the rated current for your flash unit.
• Do not use a multiple adapter to connect one or more flash units per single mains socket.
• Flash systems store electrical energy in capacitors by applying high voltage.
• For your safety, never open or disassemble your flashes.
• Only an authorised service engineer should open or attempt to repair the units.
• Internal defect charge capacitors may explode whilst the unit is in use, never
switch on a working flash unit, once it has been found to be faulty.
• Do not switch on the flash unit without mounted modelling lamp or flash tube
due to high voltage at the contacts! Life Danger!
According to safety regulations, we draw your attention to the fact that these
electronic flash units are not designed for use outdoors, in damp or dusty conditions and should
not be used after being exposed to sudden temperature changes causing condensation. They
must always be connected to an earthed (grounded) mains supply.
On no account should any object be inserted into the ventilation holes.
The units may retain an internal charge for a considerable time even though disconnected from
the power supply.
• Do not use without permission in restricted areas (like hospitals, etc.).
• Do not use in explosive environnements.
• Flash tubes and modelling lamps in use are very hot!
• Never touch a flash tube or lamp before the unit has cooled down and is disconnected from
the mains (min 30mn).
• Do not fire flashes from short distance (less than 1m) directed at a person and avoid looking
directly into the flashlight!
• Keep a min. 1m distance from any flammable materials.
• Keep generally distance to other operating units.
Safety Note English
Flash tubes and modelling lamps