Toshiba XVSe16-240-X Digital Photo Keychain User Manual

The recorder has the following connections available to attach a monitor.
HDMI Output To TV / Digital Monitor
DVI -I Output To TV / Digital Monitor
DVI to SVGA Adapter
Connect adapter to DVI output to connect an
analog VGA Monitor.
Attach the monitor or monitors to the rear of the recorder using the cable supplied by the monitor manufacturer. Refer to the monitor manual for
detailed information on how to setup and use it.
Note The monitor must be capable of having a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 and display colors of at least 32 Bit
To reduce the risk of electrical shock or damage to the equipment:
Do not disable the power grounding plug.
The grounding plug is an important safety feature.
If the electrical plug you are using does not have a ground plug receptacle contact a licensed
electrician to have it replaced with a grounded electrical outlet.
Plug the power cord into a grounded (earthed) electrical outlet that is easily accessible at all times.
Disconnect the power from the computer by unplugging the power cord either from the electrical
outlet or the computer.