Toshiba XVSe16-240-X Digital Photo Keychain User Manual

Connecting Sensors
Each recorder has up to 16 Sensor inputs. These inputs can be used with devices such as infrared devices, motion device, glass breakage
alarms, door and window trips, and many more. The Sensors can be set to Normally Open or Normally Closed inside the software.
There are 4 Common Grounds (-) and 16 sensor inputs (+). There is no power supplied to the ports so an external power supply must be used
if power is necessary.
Connecting Control Outputs
Each recorder has up to 16 Control Outputs. These outputs can be used to trigger devices such as Sirens, Phone Dialers, Lights, and any
other relay activated device. There is no power supplied to the ports. Use an external power supply if necessary.
Use 12V, below 300mA. For controlling lights or other devices, use another external relay.
Maximum voltage is 24V AC @ 1 amp
Output uses a Form C Relay
(+) (-)
Siren, Alarm, Outside Relays
External Power Supply (DC 12V)
Common Ground
Sensor Inputs