Cisco Systems MGX 8260 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco Media Gateway Manager for the Cisco MGX 8260 Media Gateway User Guide
Release 1.0, Part Number 78-11705-01, December 2000
Cisco MGM Installation
Cisco MGM is based on the Cisco EMF, which operates in a distributed environment using a server and
clients. This chapter describes the deployment options, software components, hardware requirements,
and installation procedures for Cisco MGM, and identifies the Cisco EMF options that are important
when installing Cisco MGM.
This chapter covers the following topics:
Deployment Options, page 2-1
System Requirements, page 2-3
Installing the Cisco MGM Server, page 2-5
Installing Cisco MGM Clients, page 2-7
Changing the Installation, page 2-8
Initializing Cisco MGX 8260 Media Gateway Nodes, page 2-10
Deployment Options
You deploy Cisco MGM as a server with clients in a distributed environment. The following types of
deployment are available:
Server with local client (see Figure 2-1). A client can be local or remote. A local client is one that
is running on the Server itself.
Server with local and remote clients (see Figure 2-2). A remote client is running on a separate Sun