Sony 300PF Camcorder User Manual

58 Chapter 3 Shooting
Chapter 3 Shooting
Playback — Checking Recorded Contents
Checking the Recorded Contents
Immediately After Shooting
— Recording Review
F FWD button
STOP button
REW button
PLAY button
Immediately after shooting, you can use the recording
review function to automatically rewind and play back
the last 2 to 10 seconds of the recording to check the
recorded contents.
Performing recording review
With recording paused, press the RET button on the
Depending on how long you hold down the button, the
tape is automatically rewound over the last 2 to 10
seconds of the recording, and then this last part of the
recording is shown in the viewfinder. You can also
listen to the recorded sound via an earphone or the
speaker. After the recorded part is played back, the
camcorder is automatically returns to the pause state.
During recording review, do not turn the POWER
switch off. The camcorder may not be able to find the
continue point.
If you press the VTR button on the camcorder or lens
during recording review, the camcorder stops the
recording review and starts recording. In this case
(when ClipLink mode is oFF), it is impossible to start
back space editing.
Viewing Monochrome Playback
in the Viewfinder
You can view a monochrome playback of the
recording in the viewfinder.
1 Turn the power on.
2 Load a cassette.
3 Press the PLAY button.
This starts playback, during which a monochrome
playback of the recording is shown in the
If two or more series of Index Pictures are recorded
separately on the tape, they may be played back at
back space editing points.
For details about Index Pictures, see “ClipLink Shooting”
(page 65).
Viewing Color Playback
Using a color television or color video monitor, you
can view a color playback (with no playback adaptors).
Connect a color television or color video monitor to
the MONITOR OUT connector or the S VIDEO OUT
See the previous section “Viewing Monochrome
Playback in the Viewfinder” for playback operation.
Operation Step
Fast forward the tape Press the F FWD button.
Rewind the tape Press the REW button.
Stop the tape Press the STOP button.