Sony 4-170-099-12(1) Camcorder User Manual

Additional information
The Image Database File is damaged. Check
the data base file by touching
[Show others] [REPAIR IMG.DB F.]
[MANAGE MEDIA] category)
the recording medium (DCR-SR58E/SR68E/
The memory card is damaged. Format the
memory card with your camcorder (p. 52).
Incompatible memory card is inserted (p. 18).
Access to the memory card was restricted on
another device.
The camcorder is unsteady. Hold the camcorder
steady with both hands. However, note that
the camera-shake warning indicator does not
The drop sensor function is activated. You
may not be able to record nor play back
The recording media is full. Delete unnecessary
images (p. 31).
On use and care
Do not use or store the camcorder and
accessories in the following locations:
Anywhere extremely hot, cold or humid.
Never leave them exposed to temperatures
bove 60
C (140 °F), such as under direct
sunlight, near heaters or in a car parked in
the sun. They may malfunction or become
Near strong magnetic fields or mechanical
vibration. The camcorder may malfunction.
Near strong radio waves or radiation. The
camcorder may not be able to record properly.
Near AM receivers and video equipment.
Noise may occur.
On a sandy beach or anywhere dusty. If
sand or dust gets in your camcorder, it may
malfunction. Sometimes this malfunction
cannot be repaired.
Near windows or outdoors, where the LCD
screen or the lens may be exposed to direct
sunlight. This damages the inside of the LCD
Operate your camcorder on DC 6.8 V/7.2 V
(battery pack) or DC 8.4 V (AC Adaptor).
For DC or AC operation, use the accessories
recommended in these operating instructions.
Do not let your camcorder get wet, for example,
from rain or sea water. If your camcorder
gets wet, it may malfunction. Sometimes this
malfunction cannot be repaired.
If any solid object or liquid gets inside the
casing, unplug your camcorder and have it
checked by a Sony dealer before operating it
any further.
Avoid rough handling, disassembling,
modifying, physical shock, or impact such
as hammering, dropping or stepping on the
product. Be particularly careful of the lens.
Keep the camcorder turning off when you are
not using your camcorder.
Do not wrap your camcorder with a towel, for
example, and operate it. Doing so might cause
heat to build up inside.
When disconnecting the power cord (mains
lead), pull it by the plug and not the cord (lead).
Do not damage the power cord (mains lead)