Sony 4-170-099-12(1) Camcorder User Manual

Quick reference
(VIEW IMAGES) button (25)
(DISC BURN) button (36)
POWER button (19)
RESET button
Press RESET using a pointed object.
Press RESET to initialize all the settings
including the clock setting.
(Backlight) button
MODE button (21)
(movie)/ (photo) lamp (21)
LIGHT button
Press to light up the LIGHT.
(USB) jack (34, 36, 37, 40, 42)
(DCR-SX33E/SX34E/SX53E: output only)
Power zoom lever
PHOTO button (24)
CHG (charge) lamp (12)
Battery pack (12)
DC IN jack (12)
START/STOP button (22)
Grip belt (20)
Hook for a shoulder belt
BATT (battery) release lever (13)
Tripod receptacle
Attach a tripod (sold separately) to the
tripod receptacle using a tripod screw (sold
separately: the length of the screw must be less
han 5.5 mm (7/32 in.)).
Access lamp (memory card) (18)
While the lamp is lit or flashing, the
camcorder is reading or writing data.
Memory card slot (18)