Sony 4-171-501-12(1) Camcorder User Manual

Press PHOTO lightly to adjust the focus, then press it fully.
You can record photos also by touching on the LCD screen.
When disappears, the photo is recorded.
See page 98 on the recordable number of photos.
To change the image size, touch
(MENU) [Show others] [ IMAGE SIZE] (under
[PHOTO SETTINGS] category) a desired setting
You cannot record photos while
is displayed.
Your camcorder flashes automatically when there is insufficient ambient light. The flash does not work
in the movie recording mode. You can change how your camcorder flashes by
(MENU) [Show
others] [FLASH MODE] (under
[PHOTO SETTINGS] category) a desired setting
If you record photos using a flash with a conversion lens (sold separately), the shadow may be reflected.
If white circular spots appear on photos
This is caused by particles (dust, pollen, etc.) floating close to the lens. When they are
accentuated by the camcorder’s flash, they appear as white circular spots.
To reduce the white circular spots, light the room and shoot the subject without a flash.
Particles (dust, pollen, etc.)
in the air
Flashes Lights up