Sony 4-171-501-12(1) Camcorder User Manual

Additional information
(Warning indicator pertaining to
memory card)
Slow flashing
Free spaces for recording images are running
out. For the type of memory card you can use
with your camcorder, see page 18.
o memory card is inserted (p. 18).
Fast flashing
There are not enough free spaces for recording
images. After storing the images on other
a (p. 52), delete unnecessary images, or
mat the memory card (p. 79).
The image data base file may be damaged.
Check the data base file by touching
(MENU) [Show others] [REPAIR
IMG.DB F.] (under
category) the recording medium.
The memory card is damaged.
(Warning indicators pertaining to
memory card formatting)
The memory card is damaged.
The memory card is not formatted correctly
(Warning indicator pertaining to
incompatible memory card)
Incompatible memory card is inserted (p. 18).
(Warning indicator pertaining to
the write-protect of the memory card)
Access to the memory card was restricted on
another device.
(Warning indicator pertaining to the
Fast flashing
There is something wrong with the flash.
(Warning indicator pertaining to
camera-shake warning)
The amount of lights is not sufficient, so
camera-shake easily occurs. Use the flash.
The camcorder is unsteady, so camera-shake
easily occurs. Hold the camcorder steady with
both hands and record the image. However,
note that the camera-shake warning indicator
does not disappear.
(Warning indicator pertaining to drop
The drop sensor function (p. 84) is activated,
and has detected that the camcorder has
been dropped. Therefore, the camcorder is
taking steps to protect the internal hard disk.
Recording/playback may be disabled as a
The drop sensor function does not guarantee
the protection of the internal hard disk under
all possible situations. Use the camcorder
under stable conditions.
(Warning indicator pertaining to
photo recording)
The recording media is full.
Photos cannot be recorded during processing.
Wait for a while, then record.
When [
REC MODE] is set to [HD FX], you
cannot record photos while recording movies.
(Warning indicator pertaining to smile
The smile shutter cannot be used with the
current setting of the camcorder.
You may hear a melody when some warning
indicators appear on the screen.