GE A1235PK Digital Camera User Manual

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Problem Possible causes Solution
No picture is taken when press-
ing the shutter button.
• The memory card is full.
• No available space to store the
• The mode dial is in Playback
• Replace the memory card with a new one
or clean o current memory card.
• Delete unwanted images.
• The memory card is locked.
• Turn the mode dial to any still shooting
Images cannot print from the
connected printer.
• The camera is not connected to
the printer correctly.
• The printer is not PictBridge
• The printer is out of paper or
out of ink.
• The paper is jammed.
• Check the connection between the cam-
era and printer.
• Use a PictBridge compatible printer.
• Load some paper in the printer.
• Replace the ink cartridge in the printer.
• Remove the jammed paper.