GE A1235PK Digital Camera User Manual

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Blink Detection
The Blink Detection feature is on by default, and after
taking each photo, a warning message will pop up if a
blink had been detected in the photo.
1. In photography modes, press the button
enter the Photo menu.
2. Use the Up/Down navigation buttons to select "Blink
detection" setting.
3. Use the Right navigation buttons to enter the
submenu, and select "On" option.
4. Press the button
to conrm the setting and exit
the menu.
5. The "Blink detection" indicator appears on the LCD.
6. Press the shutter button fully to capture the image, if
someone's eyes blink, the camera will automatically
show blink detection warning message.
For optimal results, the subject should be framed to
occupy most of the screen space.