GE A1235PK Digital Camera User Manual

The ISO function allows you to set the camera sensor
sensitivity to light. To improve the performance in
darker environments, a higher ISO value is required.
On the other hand, a lower ISO value is needed when in
bright conditions.
(The ISO setting is only available when the camera is in
the Manual mode).
To set the ISO value, do the following:
1. Press the
button to enter the Function menu.
2. Use the
Left/Right navigation buttons to highlight
the ISO function.
Higher ISO pictures will naturally have more
noise than lower ISO pictures.
3. Use the Up/Down navigation buttons to select the
desired ISO value from Auto, 64, 80,100, 200, 400,
800, or 1600.
4. Press the
button to conrm your setting.
5. Use the Left/Right buttons to select other options,
or press the button once to conrm your selec-
tion and exit the current menu.