GE A1235PK Digital Camera User Manual

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Shooting in Auto mode
Auto mode is the easiest mode to take photos. While
operating in this mode, the camera automatically
optimizes your photos for best results.
To start shooting, do the following:
1. Set the mode dial to
Auto mode ( ).
2. Press
Power to turn the camera on.
3. Compose your picture on the LCD screen and press
the shutter button halfway to focus on the subject.
4. When the subject is in focus, the green colored focus
frame appears on the center of the LCD screen.
5. Press
Shutter fully to capture the image.
Using the zoom function
Your camera is equipped with two types of zoom: opti-
cal zoom and digital zoom. Press the Zoom button on
either the Wide or Tele position of the camera to zoom
in or out on your subject while taking pictures.
Zoom indicator
(See “Digital
Zoom“ on page
When the optical zoom factor reaches its maximum
value, it stops momentarily. Keep pressing down the
Tele position ( ) and the zoom will switch over to
digital zoom automatically.
Zoom button