JVC KY-F550 Camera Accessories User Manual

Removable IR Cut Filter
In case of 1CCD camera, light will be
separated to RGB signals by on-chip filter
on the CCD. One pixel consists of R x 1, B x
1, G x 2.
Therefore, this filter cannot be removed
and the sensitivity of R channel is one
In case of 3CCD, light will be separated to
RGB signals by prism and the CCD consists
of monochrome. In order to cut IR(Infra
Red) light, the filter is implemented before
the prism. This is so-called IR cut filter”.
This IR cut filteron the KY-F550 can be
removed and changed to the dummy filter
consisting of transparent glass. As a result,
the sensitivity at the range of IR will be
dramatically increased. This picture is
IR Cut Filter