JVC KY-F550 Camera Accessories User Manual

*Slow Shutter 3 FRM setting
CCD charges (a)
(a) (a)
Image output signal
WEN output signal
KY-F550 Slow Shutter System
To brighten the images taken in dark places etc.
This function is not achieved through the method of increasing gain
electronically. It is accomplished by accumulating charges stored in the
CCD imaging device. In addition, by lengthening the duration for
accumulating charges, more charges could be stored in the CCD and
hence allowing high sensitivity images taken under low light condition.
The maximum accumulation timing is up till 240(NTSC)/200(PAL)
frames.(approx 8 sec)
Note:Please use the manual iris mode. Noise may increase when the number of frames increases, as such, set to an appropriate value.