Nortel Networks Industrial Handset Telephone User Manual

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DECT Industrial Handset User Guide Issue 02
Galway M1 Design Support
5.5.5 Caller List (CLIP)
When the handset rings and the call is not answered, it will be stored in the Caller list
(CLIP). The Caller list contains a maximum of 10 entries. The entries in the Caller list
and the Redial list can be accessed the same way. An item in the Caller list can be
distinguished from an item in the Redial list as follows: an item in the Caller list will
also turn the red LED on at the top of the handset..
When an item in the Caller list has been called back, it will be removed from the list.
To use the Caller list (CLIP) feature:
1. Press the
key to enter the Redial menu. Press the or until the
display shows the CLIP display. The LED is also switched on.
2. The display will show the last 10 missed call numbers.
3. Press the
key to dial the selected number.
3. Press the
key on a selected number to:
- Delete a number, after DELETE? Press the
- Store a number, after STORE NO.? press the
- All numbers in the redial list can be deleted, after DELETE ALL? press the
When an item is viewed in the Redial list, REDIAL is displayed and the LED is
switched OFF.
When an item is viewed in the Caller list, it is shown with CLIP and the LED is
switched ON.
When there is an item in the Caller list, you will be notified via a flashing red LED
on top of the handset.
5.6 Receiving Calls
When a handset receives a phone call it will ring. To accept a call, press the
When a conversation has ended press the
key again. Mute ringing by pressing
key. The display will show RINGER MUTED.