Sony CCU-TX7P Camera Accessories User Manual

High Quality Triax
The CCU-TX7P also employs analogue
component video transmission, with a
9MHz bandwidth for the luminance (Y)
signal and 4.5MHz for the colour
difference signals (R-Y/B-Y) . This
assures high quality and the provision of
various video outputs from the CCU.
Long Distance Transmission
Cable length can be extended up to a
maximum of 1500m via ø14.5mm triax
cable (with return video) (Fujikura),
1125m via ø13.2mm cable (Belden) or
750m via ø8.5mm cable (Fujikura,
Belden). Teleprompter video channel
can also be transmitted over a limited
length of cable.
High Speed High Quality Serial
Data Transmission
Data at up to a resolution of 10-bits can
be transmitted with high speed via serial
data transmission using a triax cable.
This provides the benefits of smooth,
real-time control with instant tactile
response from remote control devices.
AC/DC Operation
The CCU-TX7P is designed to operate
on not only AC but also DC power with
both an AC inlet and, for DC 12V (10.5V
to 17V), a DC inlet. DC operation
greatly expands system flexibility in
outside broadcast applications.
Digital Signal Outputs
The CCU-TX7P provides two SDI
outputs when the optional DXBK-701
SDI Output Board is installed. It can
transfer high quality digital signals with
just one cable to SDI ready units. Using
the SDI interface, a total digital DXC
system becomes a reality.
Note* The CCU-TX7P (Serial No. less than 41000)
needs some modification to accommodate the
SDI outputs. Please contact your nearest
Sony office.
Other Signal Outputs
The CCU-TX7P provides two composite
outputs, and two component output
selectable from Y/R-Y/B-Y, R/G/B and
Y/C. The CCU-TX7 also has a 4-pin
WF MODE (waveform monitor mode)
connector for flickerless parade
monitoring of signals, in addition to a
WF output and a PIX (picture monitor)
Two Inputs for Return Video
The CCU-TX7P has two RETURN
VIDEO inputs (BNC type) and therefore
accept return video signals (VBS colour)
from two different systems. Two
channels of return video can be selected
from the Sony CA-TX7P Camera
Colour Teleprompter Facility
The CCU-TX7P can be used with colour
teleprompter facilities. Since reverse
signal transmission (CA -> CCU) is
supported using a teleprompter video
channel in a triax cable, it is also
possible to transmit video signals other
than those for teleprompter from CA to
CCU, if necessary.
* For detailed information, please contact your
nearest Sony office.