Aquatica 20065 Camera Accessories User Manual

Following are the basic techniques. For more information and advanced photography please study the Canon 7D
instruction manual.
NOTE *The quick and main dial control can access a wide range of modication to the current functions allowing the
users to conveniently position vital controls at their ngertip.
1. Rotate the Mode dial knob (key # 21) and select the desired exposure mode. Options in sequence are:
Programmed AE (P), Shutter Priority AE (Tv), Aperture Priority AE (Av) or Manual Exposure (M).
Note: When using a ash, it is reccomended that the camera be used only in Single Frame Motor Drive or
there is the possibillity that the camera will re before the ash can recycle.
3. Push the Metering Pattern Knob (key# 6) and select the metering system symbol you wish to use in the
rear LCD panel.
4. Pull the Shutter Release Lever partially back. This will activate the camera’s meter and autofocus system.
5. If using manual focus use the Focus Knob (key # 10) on the housing or on the at port to focus.
6. If using the Manual or Shutter mode adjust the main dial knob (key # 2) or Quick dial (key # 27) to set the
7. Pull the Shutter Release Lever (key # 1) the rest of the way until the camera res.
Shooting tip:
The lever in the rear right portion of the housing (key #27) can be used to access the AF-ON and/or the * (star) buttons, just
pull outward or inward to access the desiresd one, theses two buttons can be modied to conform to your personal style of
image making, careful reading of the Canon 7D manual is recommended to pull the maximum out of theses features
page 10