Aquatica 20065 Camera Accessories User Manual

The Aquatica Digital housing serie is issued from the world’s most technologically advanced underwater housing lineage, ergonomically
designed to place all the essential camera controls under your nger tips and features the following:
A. A port locking mechanism to prevent accidental rotation of the port or extension mounted on the housing
B. A Lens Lock Release control that will activate the lens release button of camera from the outside of the housing, this lever can
be pull out to allow the camera/lens/gear to be removed together for easy battery replacement.
C. A quick release tray, allowing fast and easy removal of camera.
D. Large ergonomic and easy to operate controls for most of the manual and computerized camera functions.
E. A exible strobes connector circuitry that allows evolution according to ones needs (see page 9).
F. The following controls can be easily manipulated or accessed underwater:
- Mechanical shutter release.
- Shutter speed through the Main Dial
- Aperture through the Quick Control Dial
- Focus / Zoom
- AE-L/AF-L & AF-ON and * (star) access
- LCD panel illumination & information display.
- Exposure mode (Mode)
-.Exposure Compensation
- Focus Area Selector
- ISO sensitivity
- Info & Playback
- Menu, Picture Styles, quick controls & RAW/JPEG one touch button
- Delete button access
- Live view & Video recording access
G. A complete selection of bayonet mounted ports including an 6”, 8” and 9.25 diameter dome, two at ports and various
extension rings to preserve the image quality of your EF mount lenses.
H. A comprehensive selection of focus and zoom gears to access all popular lenses useful to underwater photography plus a wide
range of related accessories.
1. Attach Grip Bracket to the housing:
The housing comes with two Grips for both right and left hand grips which should be installed on the sides of the housing with the
supplied screws and Allen key. Occasionally remove the grips and lubricate the screws (see Care and Maintenance: of the housing.)
Depending on which strobe system you are using, you can mount the necessary shoes or brackets onto the 1/4”-20 threaded holes on
the top of the hand grips. The AQUATICA ® line of Technical Lighting Control ® strobe arm is recommended.
There are also three (3) 1/4”-20 threaded holes on the bottom of the housing that can be used for various mounting application trays or
tripod. As well there is another hole on top front half of the housing for mounting accessories such as a video or focusing light.
Mount your strobe and connect the sync cord to the housing’s strobe bulkhead. Be sure to read the section titled “Care and
Maintenance: of the O-rings.”
2. Lubricate the Main O-ring Seal:
Before use, carefully inspect the Main O-ring seal in its groove on the front half of the housing to conrm that it is free from scratches
or foreign material. When needed lubricate the O-ring with a light coat of Aquatica O-ring Lubricant.
When replacing the O-ring place the entire O-ring over the O-ring groove and start by pushing the O-ring in the corners. Work your way
around the O-ring making sure it is snugly sitting in the groove.
For proper handling and maintenance of O-rings be sure to read the section titled “Care and Maintenance: of the O-rings.
page 5