Aquatica 20065 Camera Accessories User Manual

Thank you for having selected the AQUATICA Digital Camera Housing System for your underwater photography.
The AQUATICA Digital Housing is the result of a long and continuing relationship with the most demanding underwater
photographers in the world. Each housing is handcrafted, quality checked and pressure tested to a 300 feet equivalent by
a small group of specially trained individuals, each of whom takes the utmost pride and satisfaction in offering the best
underwater camera housing in the world.
The Aquatica Digital Housing was designed for optimum technical and optical performance and to provide easy and
efcient underwater access to essantials functions and controls of the Canon 7D DSLR.
This manual assumes that the user is already familiar with the Canon 7D camera. If not, please read the Canon
instruction manual before attempting to use the housing.
With basic care and maintenance, your AQUATICA housing will give you a lifetime of enjoyment and satisfaction in
producing underwater images.
Please read this manual carefully before using your housing for the rst time and note that: whenever cited the right hand
is your right when using the housing.
Improper transportation handling or use of this housing might cause a ood or malfunction.
Please read and follow the following precautions:
• Store and transport the housing in a sturdy, shock proof container and avoid travelling with the camera mounted inside
the housing as impact forces especially on the external push buttons will be transferred to the camera.
• When travelling by air, either remove the port or open the housing to prevent pressure built up inside the housing that
could force ports window to pop out or unseat O-ring seal.
• Never change a port or open the housing in a location where sand or similar foreign material might come in contact with
an O-ring.
• Use of accessories or modications and alterations unauthorized by the manufacturer may result in ooding or poor
functioning of the controls.
• Be careful when opening the housing as the pressure buildup inside the housing will exaggerate the force of the latch
spring. Keep ngers away from the path of the latches.
• Whenever changing ports or O-rings, perform a simple seal test with out the camera inside.
• Avoid scratching the acrylic or glass ports and windows.
• Make sure that all ports remain properly attached before rinsing the housing, especially when rinsing without a wired
strobe make sure the Bulkhead connector is sealed with its plug.
• Never attempt to operate the camera in autofocus mode if a focus gear is engaged on the lens to the housing pinion
• The main O-ring seals should be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Read and follow the Care and Maintenance
section on this manual.
• Ensure that the spring loaded secondary lock is properly engaged on the latches to prevent their accidental opening.
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