Aquatica 20065 Camera Accessories User Manual

31. ERASE BUTTON: Press to delete images.
32. PLAYBACK BUTTON: Press to activate the monitor and review images.
33. INFO BUTTON: This button will activate the rear LCD and display all pertinent shooting information.
34. PICTURE STYLE BUTTON: Press to select the desired feature. (note: It is somewhat recommended to shoot in RAW format and
concentrate on these option in post production).
35. MENU BUTTON: Press to activate menu display, scroll using main or quick dial control knob and select using SET function button
36. QUICK CONTROL SCREEN BUTTON: Press to activate the LCD menu display.
37. ONE TOUCH RAW/JPEG BUTTON: Press to add a capture of RAW or JPEG le depending on your shooting mode
. MOUNTING HOLE FOR ACCESSORY: a 1/4”-20 TPI hole is supplied to accept a TLC accessory or TLC base ball for mounting a
strobe arm or a modeling light.
39. MOUNTING HOLES: Three 1/4” X 20 holes are provided for mounting strobes trays or accessories.
40. SACRIFICIAL ANODES: (2X) zinc anodes are installed to protect your housing against salt water corrosion; theses are made to deteriorate
easier than the other strategic part of your housing, hence the name sacricial anodes. These anodes need to be replaced by the user
as needed.
41. RUBBER ANTI SKID PADS: Four rubber pads are provided to protect the housing and preventing it from sliding on wet decks.
42. REAR WINDOW LCD: This port window allows viewing of the recorder images and is used in the Live View as well as the Video mode
for framing, a cutaway in the upper right corner allows the users to see the recording pilot light. Allow viewing of menus as well.
43. MOISTURE ALARM LED MOUNTING HOLE : A mounting hole is provided for the optional moisture alarm.
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