Aquatica 20065 Camera Accessories User Manual

Of the Latches:
The two latches of the AQUATICA Pro Digital are designed to have a locking action to prevent accidental opening.Always
ensure that the locking mechanism is secure. Watch for the build-up of corrosion or salt residue around the latches. This
will appear as a white material. Lubricate the latches with a small amount of WD-40 to remove the corrosion
or salt residue build-up.
Of the O-Rings:
The O-rings that need to be maintained on a regular basis are the main housing O-ring and the O-ring on the lens port
The main O-ring should be cleaned on a daily basis and the port O-ring should be cleaned daily or each time the port is
Of the sacricial anodes:
The two anodes attached to the bottom parts of the housing are there to prevent corrosion due to electrolysis, as time
goes they will deteriorates and need replacement, contact your dealer for replacement (parts # 19220).
1. Remove the O-ring. It is important never to use a sharp instrument when removing an O-ring as this may damage
the O-ring groove or the O-ring itself. A bobby pin or edge of a credit card works well.
2. Once the O-ring is removed, it should be examined for damage. Check to make sure that the O-ring is free of
nicks and cuts and that it retains its original round prole. O-rings that appear to be damaged should be discarded
immediately and replaced with new O-rings.
3. Rinse the O-ring with fresh water and dry it with a clean lint free cloth.
4. Clean the O-ring groove (where the O-ring sits) with a Q-tip. Be sure to remove any lint the Q-tip may leave
behind. Inspect the groove for damage.
5. Wipe the part of the housing that the O-ring seals against with a clean lint-free cloth.
6. Re-grease the O-ring with a thin layer of O-ring grease until it appears to be smooth and shiny. Do not over
grease it. Use just enough grease so the O-ring will pull smoothly through your ngers. Excessive amounts of
grease will only serve to attract dirt to the o-ring.
7. Make sure that the O-ring is properly (envenly) installed in the O-ring groove.
8. To reinstall the clean and lubricated O-ring, place the entire O-ring over the groove and start by pushing theO-ring
in at each corner then, push the O-ring at each side and nally, work in the rest of the O-ring. Never start at one
end and work your way around the O-ring. This places uneven tension on the O-ring which may cause the O-ring
to stretch resulting in excess O-ring, which will have no place to go.
There are internal O-rings on the housing controls as well. These O-rings are not as susceptible to damage as they are
not exposed but they do require yearly maintenance and are not user serviceable. The housing should be returned to
AQUATICA or to an authorized AQUATICA service facility for this annual maintenance. Check for the closest service
center on our website
An internal moisture alarm can be installed in your AQUATICA 7D Digital housing (Product # 20023). This moisture alarm
is powered by an easily replaced CR 2032 battery. Please read the instruction sheet provided for your moisture alarm
prior to installing the battery.
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