Aquatica 20065 Camera Accessories User Manual

With the camera inside the housing, push the lens release lever (key # 12) into the proper position, install the lens
prepared with the gears through the port opening in the front of the housing. Ensure that the lens mounted gears are
properly installed and aligned. Rotate the focus / zoom control knob toensure that the gears are properly meshed, do not
grind and that their rotation is smooth.
Note: To avoid damaging the auto-focus mechanism of the camera when using standard EF type lenses, you should
always set the Focus Control to “M” Manual for testing the proper meshing of a focusing gears. this procedure is not
required with USM type lenses.
Two differents methods can be used for removing/replacing a lens.
The lens mounted gears may restrict the view and ease of access to the lens release button on the camera body. The
AQUATICA 7D Digital Housing features a lens release lever (key # 12) that is designed to trigger the lens release button
of camera to allow easy removal of lens.
To remove a lens, remove the port, simply rotate Lens Release Lever (key # 12) downward to press the camera body lens
release, hold and turn the lens to remove.
Or pull out the lens release lever (key # 12) out of the way, open the back cover remove hot shoe from camera and pull
out the complete camera & lens, replace the lens and reinstall.
Before mounting the Port on the Housing always ensure that the port O-ring is clean, lubricated and properly seated in its
groove and that he sealing surface on the Housing is clean and free of physical damage.
The AQUATICA 7D Digital Housing features a locking bayonet mount (#17). To mount the port or extension ring simply:
1. Place the housing on its back on a soft steady surface.
2. Place the port or extension ring inside the main port of the housing.
Align one of the four alignment notches with the opening of the housing.
3. Place your hands on opposite sides of the port or extension ring.
4. Push with even force on both sides of the port or extension ring until
you feel it snap into place. Make sure the bayonet is completely inside the
5. Finally press the port lock button down, turn the Port clockwise
until it stops and then release the port lock button. Do not force it.
If there is too much resistance take the port off, check the O-ring
and retry.
6. Check to ensure for the proper seating and sealing of the port
or extension and that it is safely locked on the housing.
Note : It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with this
mount by trying it without the camera, this will allowyou to see
the inside view of the bayonet mount and of the ports or extension
rings in the housing.
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