Bose VS-1 Camera Accessories User Manual

Operating Information
Updating the system software
Your DVD home entertainment system might need a software update to enable it to
operate the VS-1. For example, if you cannot see a picture on your TV after installing
the VS-1, you need to update the system software. A software update disc is
included in the carton with your VS-1.
To run the software update disc:
1. Turn on your LIFESTYLE
2. Load the software update disc into the disc player.
3. Follow the instructions included with the software update disc.
Activating component video
To use a component video connection between your TV and media center, complete
the following steps to enable your media center to output component video signals.
This must be done before you can view any video image on your TV.
1. Make sure your media center is turned off.
2. Lift up the front door of the media center to access the control buttons.
3. Press and hold Enter.
4. Press Store as many times as necessary until VIDEO appears on the media
center display.
5. Release the Enter button.
6. Press Volume up or down until the video setting you want is displayed:
NTSC COMPONENT – for a component only connection in North America
PAL COMPONENT – for a component only connection outside North America
NTSC PROGRESSIVE – for a component connection and progressive scan in
North America (PAL progressive is not supported)
7. Press Store to confirm the selection and return the system to normal operation.
Front panel door – lifts up
Display window
Disc tray
Media center
control buttons