Bose VS-1 Camera Accessories User Manual

About your LIFESTYLE
VS-1 video expander
system VS-1 video expander is designed to sim-
plify your system setup and operation. After setting up the VS-1,
pressing a source button on your LIFESTYLE
system remote
selects audio and video at the same time.
Designed to work with LIFESTYLE
48, 38, 28 Series II and 18
Series II DVD home entertainment systems.
Provides component, S-Video, and composite video outputs for
your TV.
Provides component, S-Video, and composite inputs for your
VCR, cable/satellite box, or other audio/video source.
Converts a composite input to an S-Video or component output;
converts an S-Video input to a component output.
Compatible with high-definition TV (HDTV) and progressive scan
TV formats.
WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep the
plastic bags out of the reach of children.
Carefully unpack the VS-1 video expander. Check to be sure your
system includes the parts shown on this page. Save all packing
materials in case you need to repack and transport your product.
If any part of the product appears damaged, do not attempt to use it.
Notify Bose or your authorized Bose dealer immediately. For Bose
contact information, refer to the address sheet included in the carton.
Finding a location for the VS-1
You can position the VS-1 on a shelf behind your media center or
behind your TV, or you can mount it on the back of an entertainment
center or on a wall. To mount it on a wall, see “Mounting Your VS-1
on a Wall” on page 18.
VS-1 video
Component video cable
Quadra cable (attached)
For your records
Now is a good time to find the serial number on the bottom of the VS-1 video expander.
Please record it here and on your Product Registration Card. This provides easy access
to this number if you ever need to contact Bose
Customer Service.
Serial number: _________________________
Dealer name: ________________________________________________________________
Dealer phone: ____________________________ Purchase date:___________________
Be sure to fill out your product registration card and mail it to Bose.
Please keep your sales receipt and product registration together with this owner’s guide.
If you need additional cables
Your VS-1 includes one component video cable. Additional cables may be needed to set
up the VS-1 with your LIFESTYLE
system. To determine if you need any additional cables,
we suggest that you read through this guide before you begin the actual setup. Additional
cables can be purchased from your Bose dealer or your local electronics retailer.
Software update disc