Bose VS-1 Camera Accessories User Manual

Operating Information
Switching sources
After adding the VS-1 to your system setup, switching sources is greatly
simplified. Just press the remote button (CD/DVD, VCR, CBL/SAT, or AUX)
for the source you want to use. If you select one of the sources connected
to the VS-1, make sure the source is turned on.
Selecting the TV source
If you select the TV source, you will hear the audio source that is con-
nected to the TV audio input jack on your media center, but your TV will
display the video of the last video source selected. You may need to select
another video input on your TV to see the corresponding video. When you
press TV on the remote, “Choose TV INPUT” appears on the media center
display, reminding you to switch TV inputs if necessary.
Selecting a non-video source
If you select a non-video source (such as FM, AM, audio CD), the VS-1
continues to send the output of the last-selected video source to your TV
screen. This feature allows you to view the video portion of a program on
your TV while listening to the audio portion from another source. For
example, you can watch a ball game while listening to the program audio
from a local radio station.