Cisco Systems 535 Security Camera User Manual

Cisco PIX Security Appliance Hardware Installation Guide
PIX 535
This chapter describes the installation of the PIX 535, and includes the following sections:
PIX 535 Product Overview, page 7-1
Installing the PIX 535, page 7-5
PIX 535 Feature Licenses, page 7-6
Installing Failover, page 7-8
Installing LAN-Based Failover, page 7-9
Replacing a Lithium Battery, page 7-10
Installing a Memory Upgrade, page 7-11
Installing a Circuit Board in the PIX 535, page 7-14
Installing the PIX 535 DC Model, page 7-21
PIX 535 Product Overview
Note The PIX 535 chassis cover should not be removed. The user-serviceable components are accessed by a
removable tray at the back panel of each model. If you need to remove the PIX 535 chassis cover for any
reason, use the related information in the “Removing and Replacing the PIX 515/515E Chassis Cover”
section on page 4-13 as a guideline.